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Taking "green" events to the next level

Customer expectations regarding environmental sustainability are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Consequently, today's events and meetings cannot be green without the data to back it up. Clients want to know what planners are doing to reduce the carbon footprint of the event and how to incorporate these reductions into their organizational sustainability performance reports and disclosures.

Oracle product launch event, Johannesburg, South Africa


Our customized emissions mitigation offering is a valuable addition to your green event solutions portfolio - the final step in a strategy that provides differentiated benefits to your customers.

  • Minimize environmental impact
    • Measure and mitigate each attendee's carbon emissions associated with travel, accommodations and event execution.
  • Excite your customers
    • Each attendee is issued a unique Micro-Carbon Reduction Certificate (MCRC) that provides tangible proof of the carbon offset purchased and retired on their behalf.
  • Differentiate yourself in the market
    • Beyond simply reducing the carbon footprint of your event, each certificate represents a legitimate indirect (Scope 3) emissions credit that can be claimed on behalf of the attendee - extremely important for organizations actively managing their carbon emissions. Companies also receive aggregated reports detailing emissions credits purchased by employees to include in company sustainability reports and disclosures.

In addition to seamless integration with your event management system and post-event communications, we also provide tools and incentives for customers to share positive experiences via social media, our community site (MyCert) or our business directory - boosting awareness and putting you ahead of the competition.