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Taking the Pain Out of Capital Expenditure

Although our approach and solutions methodology is designed to limit excessive capital expenditure, we recognize that more sophisticated solutions requiring extensive hardware interventions or infrastructure upgrades typically require a significant up-front capital investment - often a scarce commodity.

To addres this, we created impactChoice Capital, which effectively bridges the gap between our customers deploying environmental sustainability projects and investors seeking attractive, risk-mitigated returns from commercially-viable environmental ventures and initiatives.

Merging financial expertise focused on due diligence, risk assessment, and financial modelling, with our technology and environmental sustainability solutions, we can financially model candidate projects to create sound investment opportunities that offer investors above average annual returns (IRR's). Our Financing solution can help free up your balance sheet and take the headache out of capital financing.

In addition to securing funding for suitable energy and fuel efficiency projects, we also have core competencies in assessing, securing funding, and implementing the following types of renewable energy projects:

  • Anaerobic Digestion (waste to energy)
  • Gasification (biomass to energy)
  • Coal mine methane recovery (vented and stored methane)
  • Small-scale hydro (capacity enhancement of exiting infrastructures)