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Begin With the End in Mind

  • Conduct an audit and set a baseline
  • Formulate strategy, goals, and objectives
  • Re-evaluate and optimize

All impactChoice engagements commence with a process we call Customer Focused Design.

This is a collaborative approach architected to engage and drive consensus with stakeholders on project goals, key deliverables, success metrics, and alignment with overall company business strategy.

With agreement on project goals secured, we conduct appropriate audits in accordance with internationally accredited standards. Based on this data, we determine emissions baselines against which to measure future performance.

Next, we use Sustainability Intelligence to analyze key functional areas across your organization to identify and prioritize high yield targets for cost and emissions reductions.

We then formulate a customized strategy to achieve short-, medium-, and long-term goals and performance targets. This phased approach delivers tangible short-term ROI and engages key stakeholders at every step to ensure their continued buy-in and commitment to the process.